Imagine a soccer field where children from underserved neighborhoods can come to play in a safe family-oriented environment and find hope.

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our story

Five years ago, we arrived in San Antonio, Texas, one of the most economically thriving cities in the United States. However a striking contrast exists in the southern part of the city, where neighborhoods struggle with limited resources and opportunities.

It was there, in the heart of South San Antonio, that we embarked on a mission to make a difference. We established top-quality soccer fields, not just for the love of the game but with a greater purpose in mind – to empower the most vulnerable, underserved, and overlooked individuals by offering them a chance to transform their lives through the power of sports.

In this community, a staggering 13,000 children lack out-of-school time and after-school activities, leaving them devoid of physical exercise and positive outlets.

Imagine the risks these children face. They spend an average of over seven hours glued to screens, unable to find a safe place to play in the afternoons. They roam the streets, which are fraught with violence, drugs, and negative influences.

Their parents, many of whom work tirelessly to provide for their families, carry the weight of anxiety. With both mom and dad occupied, their children are left unsupervised during crucial hours.

These families yearn for their children to grow up healthy and safe, but the financial constraints prevent them from enrolling their sons and daughters in supportive programs. The consequences for the community are devastating.

That's where SPORTI Transforming Lives comes in. For the past two years, we have been a certified nonprofit organization. Our goal is to transform the lives of one out of every three children in this community through our sports program, focusing on the beautiful game of soccer, and the youth success.

Physical activity offers immense benefits for these children, not just in terms of their physical well-being but also for their mental, emotional, and social health. Engaging in soccer provides an outlet for them to release energy, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being.

Today, we want to express how vital you are to our foundation. Together, we build a community of conscious, generous, and passionate individuals dedicated to the growth and development of children in safe environments, who give their time and resources to help kids achieve their dreams of playing soccer, preventing them from falling into vices, violence, and illnesses.

This resonates with you, who value the transformative power of sports and want to fulfill your purpose of aiding and making a meaningful difference in the community.

Through soccer, we bridge the gap between kind-hearted individuals and children who live in underserved areas. Soccer is a potent tool for change and education in marginalized areas, and with your help, we can save a child's future. Together, let's rewrite the stories of these children, giving them the opportunities, they deserve. Soccer saves lives.

Will you join us in this remarkable journey of impact and transformation?



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