Together we can save children from underserved neighborhoods and health inequity.


Each registration supports our commitment to the development of at-risk youth through the EsPorTi program.


Our purpose is to transform children's lives through sports programs.

Save them from underserved neighborhoods, health inequity, and food deserts.

We are educating parents and children in a safe, family-oriented environment.

Through our unique program: Esporti Fast promotes youth development in a robust, holistic, and enriched method based on youth development pillars: physical, social-emotional, and wellness.

Educating children as integral players will teach more than soccer skills. However, they will instill discipline, respect, self-confidence, and leadership and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Hours of Physical Activity and
Socio-Emotional Wellness

Lives Changed
through soccer

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Sporti Transforming Lives has served +200 children and their families.

 2 of 3 children in South San Antonio, TX don't get any physical activity. 

1 of 3 children aged 10 to 17 are considered overweight or obese.

Low-income families, parents and caregivers work 2 or 3 jobs to meet the day need.

Our goal is to transform +1,200 children
by 2025

"Es Por Ti" Method

Physical Pilar

Physical activity is promoted into practice activation during training 3 hrs per week.

Welcome consultation to diagnose your meal plan with a professional nutritionist. Quarterly nutrition plan.

Following your progress, coaches and experts will make recommendations and adjustments every three months.

Social-Emotional Pilar

The participation and integration of boys and girls in training promote the values of discipline, responsibility, teamwork, gender equity, respect, honesty, motivation, and friendship. 

Daily life and sport are analogies where you learn to: respect rules, authority, commitment, and take care of your health—being a leader, being a role model, and learning to win and to lose. In addition, you learn to respect your opponent. 

Wellness Pilar

Time to pause, breathe, reflect, meditate, and change what can be done better.

To ensure this has an extend impact in the siblings and family Sporti program is including monthly lectures educating parents and caregivers on spiritual guided meditations.  

"Es Por Ti" is a training program to enhance the integral leadership of boys and girls from an early age through the pillars of personal development: physical, emotional, social, and wellness. 

Alessandra's story

For her it has been of great benefit to be able to have the opportunity to exercise playing soccer, this has made her feel much better, she has developed a greater personal security and physical stability.

Giselle's story

My name is Giselle and at the other club I felt sad and kids judged me they were bad and didn't pass me the ball. Here at Sporti I feel I have improved my skills and made friends. Coaches and players are good to me.

Alex's story

Like Alex, many children experience discrimination, who cannot develop and transform their lives, and grow up with these big problems.

Alessandra's Mom says...

I still remember the day Alessandra arrived at SPORTI, the great changes she has experienced and how much it has helped her since she joined SPORTI.

Giselle's Mom says...

I invite all the parents to encourage their children to become active to practice a sport to keep them safe away from bad influences. Giselle is so happy here at Sporti and has improved and gained confidence that recently she joined the school team. 

Alex's Dad says...

The personal growth that Alex has developed here at Sporti has been very valuable. He feels more confident, he relates better to other kids. It's a good environment and I'm happy. He is happy.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Senior Director, Compliance & Supply Chain Optimization at InGenesis, Inc. San Antonio, Tx.

Transitioned to lead their growing supplier relations department in 2017. Managed a network of more than 100 suppliers to improve performance and foster positive relationships with members of their supply chain. 

Experience in both government and private sectors.




An honored retiree of USAA. a Fortune 500 financial services company based in San Antonio, Tx. 

BBA in Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX. 

She is a passionate volunteer advocate: Child Advocate San Antonio (CASA) and the Conservation Society NIOSA committee.



Board Member

Board member of the San Antonio Council for International Visitors, the San Antonio Mexico Friendship Council, and the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership.

He has a degree in Business Administration, and Master's degree in International Business from the UIW, and a Leadership Certificate from Harvard University.




Ms. Garcia is board member of “Asociación de Damas latinas empresarias en Columbus, Ohio.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Law Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas.  

Passionate writer and composer. Nowadays, the writer and editor at Televisa feature presentations "Rosa de Guadalupe" and "Como dice el dicho."



Community Engagement

He has experience and knowledge of the Texas Local Government Code, International Code Council (ICC) codes, San Antonio Property Maintenance Code and Unified Development codes, ICC-Zoning code, and other applicable codes.

He is skilled in negotiating and resolving sensitive and complex code compliance issues. For example, providing solutions for impasse situations and suggesting implementation procedures for organizing, evaluating data, and reporting information.



Founder, CEO

Passion advocate for giving back. I feel fortunate, blessed, and grateful for what I have. 

My mother instilled in me a mindset of giving. I feel responsible for sharing my experience and knowledge to help those less fortunate. Everyone experiences hardship in life. Finding our way through challenging times requires strength and courage, and support from friends, family, and our respective communities. I believe everyone can and should take the opportunity to lift those around us that need help.



13,000 children are
at-risk youth 

South San Antonians live in underserved neighborhoods, health inequities, and food deserts. Your monthly donation can benefit children and positively impact their families and the community. 

Save them from falling into destructive pathways.

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5102 Old Pearsall Rd, San Antonio, Tx. 78242, USA

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