E M O T I O N A L signs 👇🏻

🔹Constant irritation or anger
🔹Fear of being wrong
🔹Worrying about the future
🔹Worrying about being alone in a place (school, relatives’ house, etc.)
🔹Frequent nightmares

👉If your child often asks you «what if something happens…», if she or he often says «I can’t do it» or avoids participating in class, or social situations with other children, such as parties or birthdays.

👉If you notice that she or he is having crises… it could be that anxiety is becoming present in your child.

How can we help?

The first thing to do is to identify what may be causing the anxiety.
Family and social factors are crucial to identifying what may be going on.
Observe their behaviors closely in all situations and in living with other people.

👉Let’s get involved in our children’s lives so that we can detect these signs!

Help us, be part of this cause, together we can transform their lives!❤️💫

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