4️⃣ easy steps to prevent obesity:

🔹Reducing one daily tortilla intake from your diet will impact 15 lb. less annually.

🔹Any time you feel hungry or craving, drink a glass of water, wait 3 min, and then decide if you still feel hungry.

🔹Set a one-hour timer when watching TV. Then stand up, and talk an AWE walk. These will help transform your habit of watching too much TV.

🔹Get up and walk. 10 min fast-paced daily walk benefits your overall health. It improves your brain, focus, and blood pressure and reduces fat. In time will become a habit.

🚩 Obesity is the main cause of chronic diseases that endanger our children´s lives.
🚩Studies from Robert Wood Jonhson Foundation show children from 10 to 17 years are obese, representing 15.5% of the United States.

➡️Preventing overweight and obesity in our children is our task and responsibility; following these four steps until they become habits will help children have a healthier lifestyle.❤️

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