Five years ago, we set foot in San Antonio, Texas, a city buzzing with economic vitality. Yet, the stark reality in the southern neighborhoods revealed a different story—a struggle against limited resources and opportunities.

In the heart of South San Antonio, we embarked on a mission. Beyond just soccer fields, we aimed to empower the most vulnerable and underserved. Our vision was clear—to offer a chance for transformation through the power of sports.

In this community, 13,000 children lack after-school activities, leaving them without positive outlets. Picture the risks they face, spending over seven hours glued to screens, unable to find a safe haven in the afternoons. Roaming streets filled with violence, drugs, and negative influences.

Parents, tirelessly providing for their families, carry the weight of anxiety. With both parents occupied, children are left unsupervised during crucial hours. These families yearn for their children to grow up healthy and safe, but financial constraints prevent enrollment in supportive programs, devastating the community.

That’s where SPORTI Transforming Lives comes in. For the past two years, a certified nonprofit organization with a goal—to transform the lives of one in three children in this community through our sports program, focusing on soccer and youth success.

Physical activity benefits these children immensely—not only in physical well-being but also in mental, emotional, and social health. Soccer provides an outlet for them to release energy, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Today, we express how vital you are to our foundation. Together, we build a community of conscious, generous, and passionate individuals dedicated to children’s growth and development in safe environments, giving their time and resources to help kids achieve their soccer dreams, preventing them from falling into vices, violence, and illnesses.

This resonates with you, valuing the transformative power of sports and wanting to fulfill your purpose of aiding and making a meaningful difference in the community.

Through soccer, we bridge the gap between kind-hearted individuals and children in underserved areas. Soccer is a potent tool for change and education in marginalized areas, and with your help, we can save a child’s future.

Together, let’s rewrite the stories of these children, giving them the opportunities they deserve. Soccer saves lives. 

Will you join us in this remarkable journey of impact and transformation?

🏆 Edgar Ortega, 19 years old, joins Sporti daily since the fields opened in South San Antonio.

He recalls the emotion of his first tournament victory, sharing a valuable life lesson learned through soccer: «If something goes wrong, we have to learn to move forward regardless of the circumstances».

Soccer has opened doors for him to study at various U.S. universities. Sporti, transforming lives!

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